Pilipino Artists Network


The Pilipino Artists Network (PAN) is a California-statewide capacity building initiative for Filipino-American artists in nine (9) arts/cultural disciplines: dance, music, literary arts, visual arts, theater, media arts, traditional arts, arts education, and arts presenters. PAN is designed to foster mutually beneficial relationships and harness individual efforts for the collective advancement of the field. Most of the constituent artists volunteer in audience development, event promotion, curation, outreach, and even donate their artwork and/or performances.

The PAN membership is based on a Community Exchange System (CES) of services: FilAm ARTS provides facilitation, marketing support, access to information, venues, distribution points, training, target markets, technical support, and professional development, while the PAN artists participate through in-kind performances or donation of artwork and art services, or volunteer curatorial and production support for the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) and other PAN events.


To address the needs of the constituency, PAN utilizes two main methods: a self-reflexive method, and a Kapwa or Pilipino psychological method. PAN uses self-assessment, artist dialogues, and consensus models in order to derive appropriate courses of action that address constituent needs. This is in stark contrast to many prescriptive approaches commonly used in service organizations. The Kapwa method is one that synthesizes the sensibilities of traditional Filipino arts, Filipino regional culture, and Filipino customs into a cultural centered means of generating appropriate communication and action. The combined methods create a powerful system for understanding the Pilipino artist community.


PAN has a very large geographic reach. The main regions of the state served are the greater Los Angeles Area, San Diego County, the Bay Area, and Central California. The PAN constituency is spread throughout the state, with the above regions being the main population centers of the artists. Furthermore, PAN has an extended range of networking with Filipino artists across the United States. There is also an ongoing bi-national interaction between artists based in the Philippines and PAN.


PAN is engaged in advocacy at the Federal, State, County, City, and Council District levels of government. Through strategic partnerships with key arts advocate organizations and direct engagement with the legislature, PAN has established itself as the leader of Filipino American Arts advocacy. PAN is one of the seven statewide arts infrastructure groups recognized and supported by the California Arts Council. As an extension of FilAm ARTS, the PAN is a member of the Alliance of California Traditional Arts (ACTA), the California Arts Advocates, and the Americans for the Arts. PAN has developed extensive strategic partnerships with arts organizations, community associations, and social service providers.


PAN is funded in part by grants from: the California Arts Council, the California Community Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The largest source of support comes from our extensive volunteer base and donation from our generous supporters. PAN also receives tremendous in-kind support from Filipino owned businesses and community organizations.