FPAC 2015 Internship Opportunities



An internship with FilAm ARTS is an opportunity to develop leadership skills through culturally-sensitive approaches to production and community organizing. Interns who work at FilAm ARTS will understand how the arts are connected to the culture of communities of color. Interns will develop key skills in project management, communication, and networking while deepening their understanding of the work involved in nonprofit arts administration, and will gain experience in the production of a large-scale community arts event.

The internships will be part of the City of Los Angeles’s 24th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) to be held on November 7, 2015 at El Pueblo Historical Monument in downtown Los Angeles.

FPAC was first produced as a community arts project under the City of Los Angeles' Cultural Affairs Dept. in response to the 1990 Census and the growing multicultural constituency in the city.  FPAC has grown to be the largest and longest-running Filipino American community arts program of its kind, presenting over 500 artists to an audience of 15,000 in collaboration with 100 community organizations and 400 volunteers.



The internship begins on September 1 and ends on November 15. The first week will be spent in orienting the intern to the program, discussing expectations, intern role and responsibilities, setting goals and planning for the overall internship. There will be training modules and assessments to facilitate the intern's understanding of multicultural context and commitment to the project. The following weeks will constitute immediate work on archiving the past festival materials and engaging the community in the archival process. Simultaneously with the archival work, there will be weekly project planning to set-up it up for educational studies, resource development, and presentation. The internship will culminate with a presentation of this archive at the 24th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture.

FilAm ARTS internships provide participants with the exposure to working with a diverse group of people from seasoned curators, producers, and artists to community leaders. The interns will be guided and supervised by the Festival Directors. The mentors are drawn from this pool of people, from whom the interns can glean valuable lessons and gain experience in curatorial process. In addition to the mentors, interns will be assigned to a primary supervisor and the support of other production staff. As a team, the staff will monitor day-to-day goals, activities and production output of the intern. There will be weekly staff meetings to assess progress of goals and workload. There will be individual weekly evaluations and an overall evaluation at the end of the internship. Interns are encouraged to develop open dialogue and strong working relationships with the staff and team members. The intern plays a key role in the project and in the larger Festival team efforts and will be expected to communicate with many segment of the community.

There will be weekly training modules that are designed to prepare the intern for a range of professional experiences. They will cover topics such as leadership, fundraising, marketing, project management, time management, advocacy, networking, ethics and accountability. Mentors, supervising staff, and community leaders will lead workshops with distinct focus on promoting the understanding of nonprofit arts, community-building, advocacy and sustainability.

Successful interns will learn the value of becoming team players as well as leaders. There is a dedicated workspace for the intern with a desk, chair, and MAC or PC computer. Each intern will also have access to shared office supplies, office equipment and meeting rooms.

Exposure to the festival will allow interns to gain networks and skills in event planning, non-profit administration, logistics, marketing, business, community engagement, arts production, etc. The intern should be a self-motivated, highly focused, and team oriented person with event planning experience preferred. An interest in the arts and community-building, as well as strong interpersonal skills are preferred. The intern is expected to take an active role in understanding and supporting all aspects of the organization in order to better inform and supplement their experience.



To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to info@filamarts.org, with the subject of the e-mail as “FilAm ARTS Intern App”. DEADLINE TO APPLY IS WEDNESDAY AUGUST 26, 11:59PM.

There are 8 positions available. You may indicate which position you most prefer; however, we will place you according to your skills, experience and interview.


Internship positions available include:


1.    Programming Assistant (2 positions available)

The Programming Interns will work closely with the FPAC Co-Director in Programming and Curators to plan and implement the various programs that take place at the festival. Tasks include communicating with artists and community partners; actively contributing in programming meetings to make sure that the festival’s programs are innovative and inclusive; and being present the day-of to ensure that the programs remain on schedule.


2.    Logistics Assistant (2 positions available)

The Logistics Interns will work closely with the FPAC Co-Director in Logistics to ensure the efficient building of the festival infrastructure, working with city staff, legislators, and vendors. The Logistics Interns will help secure and manage the venue, equipment, and permits of the event, and will assist in constructing and deconstructing the festival.


3.    Marketing Assistant (2 positions available)

The Marketing Interns will work closely with the FPAC Co Director in Marketing on all facets of marketing, including handling media relations (TV, print, radio), press management, social media management, production of marketing materials, and outreach.


4.    Business Assistant (2 positions available)

The Business Interns will work closely with the FPAC Co-Director in Business to promote community development, working with corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. The areas covered are sponsorships, exhibitors, social enterprise, ticket sales, and concessions.


5.    Administration Assistant (2 positions available)

The Admin Interns will work closely with the FPAC Co-Director in Administration to provide administrative support for the festival team throughout the planning and implementation of the festival. Areas covered are leadership development, grants, and non-profit administration.