Festival Schedule | FPAC24


10:00am - Festival opens
10:15am - Bibak (dance)
10:45am - Tinig Choral (choir)
11:00am - special guest
11:05am - Honor Flow Productions (hip hop group)
11:35am - Morgan Ashley (contemporary vocalist)
11:50am - 7th LTR (hip hop mc)
12:00pm - special guest
12:15pm - HEADLINER: TFC Artist Showcase
1:00pm - SIPA Crew (hip hop dance group)
1:15pm - Gingee (EDM artist. Kulintang x Global Bass)
1:25pm - Martial Arts with Nick Papadakis
1:35pm - special dance+music collaboration: Malaya + Rondalla Club of LA + Philippine Chamber Singers
2:25pm - Louise Marie Cornillez (vocalist)
2:45pm - Karen Joyce (vocalist)
3:00pm - HEADLINER: Odessa Kane (hip hop mc)
3:20pm - special guests
4:10pm - special dance performance from Kayamanan Ng Lahi.
4:55pm - special dance+music collaboration from Malaya and Pakaruguian Kulintang Ensemble.
Ending the day with a community Kapwa jam.

FPAC24 Resident DJ Richie Menchavez of Traktivist.com will be playing gems from his archive all day.

In addition to performances on the Kiosko stage, FPAC will also have special programming on Sanchez St. and in South Plaza:


  • PAMILYA PAVILION - This year’s Pamilya Pavilion bridges two FPAC legacies: Seniors Pavilion and Eskuela Kultura Youth Pavilion. Celebrating a true sense of family, this pavilion encourages stories to be shared between the generations. Tony and Angelita Ringor, beloved leaders in our FPAC family, will share lessons tied to vegetation and farming: each a vital part of our culture in the Philippines and here in the US. Manong Tony and will also tell stories and share songs from the Philippines. When you visit the Pavilion you’ll also meet leaders from Filipino Cultural School (FCS). This year FCS will help teach families how to make parols -just in time for Pasko season!

Rounding out Pamilya Pavilion is the SaySay exhibition, presented by The Saysay Project. “Saysay” (pronounced sigh-sigh) is a Tagalog word that has double meaning: to have intrinsic value, and to declare. The Saysay Project is a community-sourced documentation project by FilAm ARTS that aims to capture the diverse experiences in the Filipino diaspora through storytelling. This year SaySay Project shares some of these stories, captured on video, that have been collected over the years.

  • 2nd ANNUAL KATIPUNAN POETRY SLAM (12pm-1pm) - This is not your average poetry reading. This is where poets come to do battle! Continuing the work of those who have paved the way before us, from Jose Rizal to Jessica Hagedorn, the slam provides a platform for us to showcase the variety of voices and points of view amongst Filipinos and Filipino-Americans today. The Annual Katipunan Slam will be hosted by Ariano Basco (author of "Palms Up"), and is curated by Eddy M. Gana Jr.  and Stephanie Sajor of Sunday Jump. Sunday Jump is a community open mic series held every 1st Sunday at Kapistahan Grill, 5-7 pm in Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles. At Sunday Jump, they provide a safe space for marginalized voices to express free speech and uplift their communities.
  • Additional artists/performances, include: Carl Andrada (costume designer); Haranas performed by Prime Note Ensemble and Rondalla Club of LA; martial arts demonstrations and more!



  • PAN PAVILLION - A curated visual exhibit featuring some of the shining talents from our Filipino American community.
  • BALANGAY NG LANGIT - A “Balangay Ng Langit” translates to canoe of the sky. It is a ceremonial canoe altar that has been created in acknowledgement to honor Filipino Ancestors and the victims of typhoon Yolanda. The Balangay ng Langitat FPAC is a continuous being - moving, growing, evolving, transforming and healing. The Balangay was created andactivated by the community, an honoring and offering to our shared ancestors including the land. It united all the tribes - northern, central, southern Philippines, Tongva, Xican@s. The Balangay activates the Kapwa spirit, healing and strengthening our community. The Balangay is a way of connecting to our one mother earth, our shared ancestors and our kapwa community. The Balangay ng Langit at FPAC is led by artists from Kollective Binhi.

About Kollective Binhi:
Kollective Binhi sprung from independent soul-searching journeys. Our colonial narratives have disconnected us from our ancestors, displacing us from traditions. We are soul rebels in the diaspora. Sprung from ancestors’ traditions of creativity, we are their legacy in bloom. Sound warriors of the people, we create anew and generate art & music healing vibrations.