Eskuwela Kultura


Eskuwela Kultura (EK) is the cultural arts education program of FilAm ARTS that engages youth to tell their stories, encourage them to find their voice, empower them to develop artistic productive and healthy expressions. This approach is based on the premise that empowered individuals lead to greater ownership in their community, which leads to lower crime rates and positive behavior.


EK engages youth to learn about different cultures present in urban Los Angeles.

By emphasizing a creative focus—namely artistic and cultural production—FilAm ARTS and intends to develop a more positive outlet for at-risk youth through EK, while exploring causal links between the arts and skills that enhance learning, motivation, and memory.

EK adheres to the California Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Education, aimed to increase literacy and artistic understanding, while imparting important artistic and cultural understandings, in a comprehensive series of workshops that enable arts and cultural learning and production.

EK also engages youth in the larger context of our communities through multicultural and multi-disciplinary arts production, through partnerships with various elements of the community, including amongst themselves, with families, organizations, and local businesses.